20 years of experience
in the textile area

We are an international Group based in Portugal with nearly 20 years of know-how in the textile business. We address the daily needs of millions of consumers in various countries, through a value proposition based on quality at competitive prices. Retail and trading are our main activities.
O nosso trading que para já se concentra na Polónia é a parte mais significativa do nosso negócio, representando cerca de 70% das vendas globais do Grupo. Em Portugal, a nossa marca CODE está presente em mais de 50 pontos de venda. Temos ainda alguns clientes internacionais da marca CODE com os quais trabalhamos a partir da nossa sede em Portugal.

74M €




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History & approach

“Allowing people to express their individuality and project confidence through clothing. Design, within everyone's reach, is what moves us.”

Commander - Joaquim Dias Cardoso

Our History

Created in 2003 by Joaquim Dias Cardoso after selling his majority stake in the Maconde Group, SDV has been working in partnership with the Jerónimo Martins Group in the textile area. In 2006, the founder’s daughter, Carla Cardoso, and a reliable management team took over. With more than 75 employees distributed among 3 companies in Portugal, Poland and China. With the goal of making fashion accessible, SDV is committed to providing the best service it can to all of its customers. Know-how and customer orientation are the main pillars of the group, which makes it a valuable business partner for all retailers who choose the SDV and its brand.

International presence

Continental Portugal and Azores, Spain and Canarias Islands, Marrocos, Armenia, Poland, Russia and China