Our leadership principles!

At SDV we are all company oriented and thinking in the long run. We act on behalf of the entire company beyond just our own teams. We never say, “that’s not my job." We strive to raise the company performance bar with every recruitment and promotion. Recognizing exceptional talent and willingly moving them throughout the organization. We believe that leaders develop leaders and we take seriously their role in coaching others.

Think big, think different!

We are proud to say that we have ever growing relentlessly high standards and are continually raising the bar to drive teams to deliver high quality products and services to our clients. We aim to attract the best professionals from different areas in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the challenges that we face.
What we expect from our employees:


Loyalty & Integrity


Everyone’s path at SDV is different but none of them is ordinary. Our people have a desire to always go further – and this is what makes them so special and appreciated in our Companies. If you want to make a difference, to leave your mark, and to add value to your work, this is the right place for you.

We do what we love

There are times when it's a constant roller coaster, but in the end, it's well worth the effort, commitment and dedication.

Marta Albuquerque – Kids and Home Designer

Working for SDV is the biggest challenge of my life… We work as a team to overcome the challenge.

Sandra Teixeira – Assistant Product Manager

A long life...a long journey fighting for a company and a group, of which I have been proud to be a part for almost 25 years.

Joana Vaz de Oliveira – Product Manager

I started working at SDV six months ago and it quickly became my family as well. And family is the one who takes care of us and who makes us want to take care of them too…SDV is our home and I feel good here!

Izilda Garcia – Planning & Operations Director

Doing what I like with people I appreciate, participating in a joint effort and in a company that respects its employees and motivates them.

Rui Meleiro – IT Director

Working at SDV is to be part of a resilient team, capable of overcoming challenges in a fast-paced environment, which makes us more united, allowing for professional growth on a daily basis.

Raquel Pinto – HR Director

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